Hartland Stainless Steel 1 Gang Dimmer 400w

Hartland Stainless Steel 1 Gang Dimmer 400w

HAM 741X40

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Hamilton 74P1X400 Hartland Stainless Steel 1 Gang Dimmer 400w 74P1X400


HAM 741X40
Hamilton Hartland Satin Stainless Steel 1 Gang 2 Way Dimmer Switch

Create a relaxing mood after a long day with your lights on a dimmer switch.

Once seen as a unnecessary luxury, it seems the whole world has gone mad for controlling their lights with dimmers. An absolute minefield in technical jargon, it can be difficult to know which dimmer to go for. WIth its sleek satin stainless steel front plate and corresponding control knob, this 1 gang 2 way dimmer switch certainly looks the part, beautifully matching the rest of the Hartland range to keep all your switch plates and sockets the same.

The Hamilton Hartland stainless steel 1 Gang dimmer is a 400W leading edge push switch dimmer. Leading edge means that it dims your lights by reducing the A/C cycle by switching the power off briefly on the leading edge of the input waveform by means of a Triac, resulting in a lower light level with less power used. In this Leading Edge format, it means that although advances are happening all the time, it is only compatible with lamps that have a tungsten filament, ie Incandescant or Halogen with a minimum load of 60W. it is worth noting that when using halogen bulbs, the rating of the dimmer must be de-rated by 25%, in this case from 400W to 300W. 

The 2 way switching capability of the 741X40 means it can be used in a circuit that switches the same light from two different locations, however one of those locations must be a 2 way switch. It is not possible to have two dimmers on a 2 way circuit. Fully compliant with BS5518:1977 Specification for electronic variable control for tungsten filament lighting.

As with all Hamilton ranges, the Hartland Satin Steel is an extensive family, incorporating everything from switches and shaver sockets to TV, phone and data. If there is something out of the ordinary you require, it's bound to be available in the modular ranges so with the matching Euro and Grid plates you can be sure that all your satin steel switchgear is coordinated and complimenting your home.

Technical Specification
- Plate Size: 88 x 88mm
- Plate Depth: 4.2mm
- Min Wall Box Depth: 25mm
- British Standard: BS 5518:1977 
- Description: Hamilton Hartland Satin Stainless Steel 1 Gang 2 Way Dimmer Switch

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