GU10 Halogen 50W 35° Flood

GU10 Halogen 50W 35° Flood


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GU10 Halogen 50w 35 Flood GU10 50W FLOOD


GU10 50W 35 Degree Mains Halogen Reflector Lamp

The mains halogen reflector is one of the most popular lamps in the UK. With all the colour rendering attributes of a low voltage halogen, the GU10 mains halogen lamp is more commonly used because it doesn't require a transformer.

GU10 lamps differ from the very similar looking, but much less common GZ10 lamp in this regard. GZ10 lamps are used in situation where the heat must be thrown backwards into the fitting. ...BUT DO NOT WORRY: It is impossible to fit a GZ10 lamp into a GU10 fitting because the cap or bases are different. ...keep reading!...

The GU10 lamp is recognised by its particular base or cap, which has two metal studs, (not pins, as in the case of low voltage halogen reflectors) and a bevelled edge base. This bevelled edge differentiates it from GZ10 reflector which has a square edged base.

GU10 Reflectors are also known as Halopar 16, par 16 lamps, mains halogen 50mm, Hi-Spots, 50mm Hi-spots and plain old GU10s.

GU10 Code Information:
Halopar 16
64820 FL
240v GU10

GU10 Descriptions:
GU10 / 35w GU10
Mains Halogen Reflector
50mm halogen reflector
Mains Halogen GU10 Lamp

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