Extractor Fans

A huge selection of bathroom fans, shower fans, kitchen fans and ceiling fans.

We stock domestic and commercial extractor fans from some of the best known names in the industry including Vent Axia, Airflow and Manrose.

Our range of bathroom fans, shower fans, kitchen fans and inline ceiling fans are among the most competitively priced in the UK. Every extractor fan featured here is stocked as standard and available for next day delivery.

Extractor Fans

There has never before been such a wide choice of extractor fan: Mains voltage extractor fans, SELV fans, timer models, extractor fans with humidistats, inline ceiling fans, wall fans, fans with pull cords, centrifugal fans ...and from many different manufacturers including Vent Axia, Manrose, Airflow and GET. Regulations governing safety and air extraction rate seem to further complicate matters, but worry not! ...once you've figured out where exactly you wish to situate your extractor fan, half the battle's won.

Bathroom Extractor Fans

Bathroom fans come in two main types; Mains voltage and SELV or Safety Extra Low Voltage and it is vitally important that the correct fan is installed. Since electric and water make for a fatal combination strict regulations were introduced dividing the bathroom into 4 zones, 0 - 3. Mains voltage extractor fans may only be used in Zone 3 of the bathroom. In Zones 0, 1 and 2 SELV fans (12 volt) ONLY must be used, with the transformer being housed in Zone 3.

Inline Ceiling Fans

Q: What's an inline duct fan and when should I use it? A: an inline extractor fan is one which sits in the middle of a length of ducting up in the ceiling, rather than on the wall or ceiling. One end of the duct goes to a grille in the room from which the air is being extracted, the other to the outside grille. They should be used when extracting air from zone 0,1 or 2 in a bathroom, where a normal mains voltage fan may not be used. Read more about Inline Fans....

Kitchen Fans

The regulations governing extractor fans in the kitchen are less strict than those for the bathroom and are concerned with the amount of air that is to be removed (air extraction rate), rather than user safety and voltage. The minimum air extraction rate is 15L/s. All extractor fans on our site far exceed this minimum requirement.