Kidde Firex KF30 Mains Powered Heat Alarm

Kidde Heat Alarm Fixed Temperature KF30 / 4899 / KF3 / H230

FIREX 4899

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Kidde KF30 Heat Alarm Fixed Temperature H230 FIREX 4899


Kidde Firex 230v Interconnectable Heat Alarm with 9v battery backup

Firex 4899 Heat Alarm Features
- 58 degree C temperature rating
- 9v battery backup
- Large easy to use test button
- Multi-function green and red LEDs indicate power and alarm status
- Tampe resist locking device prevents unauthorised removal
- Optional security lock eliminates unauthorised battery removal
- Dual power with long life battery
- Durable factory sealed housing protects components during installation

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Group : Firex Heat Alarms
Description : Firex Heat alarm with battery backup
Code : Firex 4899 / Firex H230 / Kiddi KF30


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