About Gil-Lec Limited

Enjoying an excellent reputation amongst suppliers, customers and industry stakeholders, earned over thirty years’ trading, Gil-Lec Limited is regarded as one of the UK’s leading electrical wholesalers.

Recognised by the Electrical Industry’s principle publication ‘The Electrical Times’ for its dedication to customer service and innovation, Gil-Lec has been awarded the prestigious title of Best UK Electrical Wholesaler on five separate occasions.

Comprising two distinct SBUs serving the B2B and B2C sectors, its broad range of clients include large commercial engineering firms, domestic electrical contractors, blue chip companies and consumers.

Its comprehensive product portfolio includes cable management, circuit protection, switches and sockets, lighting, home automation, ventilation, and fire and security products.

From its specialist e-commerce distribution centre, Gil-Lec serves clients via next day delivery throughout the whole of the UK.

Gil-Lec are members of the European wide business consortium, Fegime.

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