Cbus 4 Channel Changeover Relay Powered

Cbus L5504RVFC 4 Channel Changeover Relay Powered


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Cbus L5504RVFC 4 Channel Changeover Relay Powered CB L5504RVFC


Clipsal C-Bus L5504RVFC
CBus 4 Channel Relay 10A Changeover

The Cbus L5504RVF Series relays are designed for din rail mounting in consumer units and similar enclosures. They are 8 DIN modules wide and 4 independent voltage free relay contacts are provided for general switching applications.

The units include all C-Bus Learning features, which allow the units to be programmed without the need for a PC connected to the system. Alternatively, units can be programmed via a PC and the C-Bus installation software.

The Series includes units complete with 10A rated relays for resistive, inductive or fluorescent loads and separate units complete with relays rated at 10A resistive load and 1A fluorescent load.

The units consume no current from the C-Bus network during normal operation. The Series includes units available both with and without a 200mA C-Bus power supply for powering other C-Bus devices connected to the network (e.g., C-Bus Key Input Switches, Touchscreens, PIR detectors, etc).