Cbus 4 Channel Relay Powered

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C-Bus L5504RVF 4 Channel Relay Powered

Clipsal C-Bus L5504RVF
CBus 4 Channel Relay 10A Voltage Free

The C-Bus 4 channel relay units are DIN rail mounted units suitable for switching resistive, inductive and fl uorescent loads. These relay units feature learn mode, local and remote overrides for on/off control, Channel, C-Bus and unit status indicators.

Load control is provided by a special dual contact relay designed for extreme long life with lighting loads, even with power factor corrected fluorescent lamps. One contact is tungsten designed to withstand high in rush currents and arcing when opening and the other contact is silver alloy for steady state current operation. The relay units are available as passive and current sourcing models that source up to 200mA to the C-Bus network.

C-Bus L5504RVF Technical Information

  • Provides 4 independent voltage free relay contacts in an 8M wide DIN rail enclosure.
  • 50Hz or 60Hz operation.
  • Units available with 10A rated relays (resistive, inductive or fluorescent loads) and separate units with relays rated at 10A resistive and 1A fluorescent.
  • Units available both with and without a 200mA C-Bus power supply on-board.
  • Up to 100 units without power supply or 10 units with power supply are permitted on any one single C-Bus network (255 networks available in a C-Bus installation).
  • Configured via either the C-Bus Installation Software or via the Learn Enabled Features.
  • Local ON/OFF toggle buttons allow individual channels to be manually overridden at each unit.
  • Remote ON and OFF facilities permit all channels to be turned ON or OFF without C-Bus network communication.
  • The C-Bus side and output stages are electrically isolated.
  • Incorporates C-Bus Network Status, Mains Power Status, and Load Status indicators.
  • Capable of generating a C-Bus clock signal if enabled.
  • A network burden is incorporated and is software selectable.
  • Logic states (and,or) configurable via installation software.
  • Relay interlocking feature selectable via installation software.
  • Incorporates power recovery options to restore loads 'as was', 'off' or 'on'.
  • 2 x RJ45 sockets are incorporated to facilitate the C-Bus connection.
  • Supplied with a 300mm C-Bus Category 5 patch lead complete with pre-terminated RJ45 connectors.
  • The output terminals accommodate 2 x 1.5mm² or 1 x 4.0mm² cable.
  • EMC Compliant to meet the requirements for marking with the CE and RCM marks.
  • Incorporate magnetically latching relays.
  • Capable of being programmed via the installation software without the need for a mains connection.
  • Draws 18mA when being programmed and no mains connection is made.
  • When a mains connection is made, then the unit does not draw any current from C-Bus.
  • Dimensions: W=144mm, H=85mm, D=65mm.
  • Weight: 375g.
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Brand Clipsal
Manufacturer's Part Number L5504RVF
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