Vent Axia HR500X Commercial Heat Recovery Unit

HR500X Heat Recovery Unit with reversible airflow and auto shutters

VEN 14101070

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Vent Axia 14101070 HR500X Single Room Heat Recovery Unit


The innovative HR500X may be used as a Heat Recovery Unit or super powerful standard extractor fan.

When in HR mode it extracts stale air at 550m³/h while introducing fresh air through the heat exchange cube which is warmed by the outgoing air. Heat recovery is efficient up to 70%!

However, the unit has the ability to reverse the airflow of the supply fan offering double extraction at times when heat loss isn't a concern. When operating in this mode - as a standard extractor - the HR500X ventilates at a 900m3/hr - suitable for many commercial applications.

The unit is perfect for commercial areas that require a high performance balanced intake/extract scheme but are subject to excess heat in summer, such as swimming pools, computer rooms, classrooms, offices and waiting rooms etc. In noise sensitive areas use an auto transformer controller.

The 500X 14101070 model features integral shutters that prevent cool air entering the building when the unit is not in use.