HR30W Single Room Heat Recovery Unit

HR30W Single Room Heat Recovery Unit

VEN 370363

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Vent Axia Hr30W Single Room Heat Recovery Unit VENT AXIA HR30W


Vent Axia HR30W 370363 Single Room Heat Recovery Unit

Extract Intake Noise Power
Trickle 35m3/hr 30m3/hr NA 10w
Boost 50m3/hr 40m3/hr 28dB(A) 23w

HR30W Overview:
The Vent Axia HR30W 370363 is a continuous running, single room heat recovery unit specifically designed for use in the bedroom. Offering virtually silent trickle operation for nighttime use and a boost facility for the daytime it dramatically improves air quality whilst maintaining 70% heat recovery.

The HR30W extracts stale internal air containing moisture and particulates and passes it through a high efficiency heat exchange cube. Incoming fresh air is warmed by the heat cube and passed through a pollen filter resulting in warm, dry,particulate-free clean air.

The HR30W is installed through the wall - no ducting, grilles or other accessories are required.

Vent Axia HR30W 370363 Review
"A very popular single room heat recovery unit, the HR30W is easy to install, improves air quality and runs very efficiently - achieving up to 70% heat recovery. It is built to Vent Axia's typically high standards and will provide years of quiet, discrete service."