MVDC-MS Whole House Mechanical Ventilation Unit

Vent Axia 437634 Lo-Carbon MultiVent MVDC-MS

VEN 437634

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Vent Axia Mvdc Msh Whole House Mechanical Ventilation Unit VENT AXIA MVDC-MS


Vent Axia Multivent MVDC-MS
Vent Axia 437634 Lo-Carbon Multivent 

Vent Axia MVDC-MSH Description
The 443298 Multivent from Vent Axia is a continuous running decentralised mechanical extract unit (dMEV). The primary design of the Lo-Carbon MVDC-MSH is to extract from multiple rooms in a property. It is suitable for use in domestic or light commercial settings and features a highly efficient low carbon dc motor which runs near silently and is capable of extracting at 3 preset speeds; trickle, medium boost and high boost. It is capable of extracting over long distances up to 50 metres. The MVDC-MS is the basic model which requires an external switch to boost as a light switch. Alternatively Vent Axia offers a range of switches and sensors such as the Visonex PIR, Ambient Response Humidity Sensor, wireless transmitter Controllers. All of which can be purchased separately.   
The Multi-Vent Lo-Carbon range from Vent axia is recognised in SAP Appendix Q and complies with ADF (System 3) of Building regulations. 

Low Trickle Specification

Air Extraction m3/hr : 232m3/hr
Air Extraction L/s : 64 L/s
Noise : 20dB @ 3m
Watts : 9W

Medium Trickle Specification
Air Extraction m3/hr : 365m3/hr
Air Extraction L/s : 100 L/s
Noise : 20dB @ 3m

Boost Specification
Air Extraction m3/hr : 434m3/hr
Air Extraction L/s : 120 L/s
Noise : 38dB @ 3m
Max Watts : 44W

Width : 340mm
Height : 249mm
Length : 310mm
Spigot: 100-125mm


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