Rako Signal Repeater

WRB100 Rako Signal Repeater


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Rako WRB100 Signal Repeater


Rako WRB100
Rako Lighting Signal Repeater

Used as a wireless repeater the WRB100 receives and repeats Rako wireless messages thus increasing the range of transmitters. Typically located between transmitters and repeaters the unit will repeat all messages from the same Rako 'House' address.

Usually used as a single repeater to avoid messages creating a locked loop it is possible to configure WRB100 units to repeat messages from other WRB100 units. Consult Rako's technical team for more information.

When used in a combined wired and wireless system the WRB100 forms a link between the two networks, repeating all messages both wired and wireless allowing a wired system to respond to wireless commands and equally control wireless devices.

When used to form a wired spine two or more WRB100 modules can be used to create a simple wired backbone system where no other wired devices are used but allowing a wireless message to be received by one WRB100, be transmitted down a data cable and be re-transmitted by another WRB100(s). This method can provide a simple and effective yet reliable means of extending a wireless system.