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RAK4R Rako 4 Channel Blind Control

Rako RAK4-R
4 Channel, twin relay curtain & Blind Control rack.

The Rako RAK4-R is a 4 channel, twin relay blind or curtain control unit. It is deisgned to suit most motor types such as 240v roller, venetian or Roman blinds and low voltage motors. The relays are isolated and can be used to provide volt-free contact closures from the Rako network for non-motor control applications.

Central Control
- RAK-4 dimmer units can be used as simple 4 channel packs or joined to form multi-way stacks. 8, 12 and 16 channels stacks can be formed. All communication is carried out using the RAKOM RF, particularly useful for reducing installation and cabling costs.
- The RAK-4 units are designed to be centrally located in an electrical cupboard, utility room or garage.
- The RAK-4 trailing edge dimmer can control up to 2400 watts of mains dimmable lighting loads.
- The unique hybrid transistor design provides virtually silent operation, ideal for residential installations. Microprocessor control combines smooth reliable dimming with dynamic safety features such as auto-resetting over current, temperature shutdown and voltage surge protection.
- For wireless systems, the RAK-4 dimmer requires a separate Rako RF receiver (RX-LINK), this unit connects using a single CAT5 RJ45 data bus. The RX-LINK receiver can be used to connect up to four RAK-4 dimmer units.
- The RAK-4 dimmer can be used seamlessly with other Rako modules, such as RDL in-line dimmers, RCP wallplates, RAH hand helds, MB1 timeclocks and forms the foundation of any Rako scene-set system.
- Each RAK-4 box needs to be fed by a 10A Type B MCB.

Technical Specifications
Dimensions: 193x253x110mm
- Input supply: 200-260V AC 50/60Hz
- 10A Type B MCB protection required
- Weight: 3.5Kg
- Housing: Powder coated galvanised steel

Climate range:
- Temperature +2C to +40C
- Humidity +5% to 95% non condensing

- 3 way screw terminal for mains supply
- 4 way screw terminal for load outputs
- 2 RJ45 sockets for RxLink connection

- Auto resetting over current protection
- Auto thermal shutdown
- Voltage surge protection

Load types:
- Incandescent mains voltage lamps
- Tungsten halogen GU10 lamps
- Trailing edge dimmable LV transformers

Minimum load: 40w per channel

Maximum load:
- Total box load - 10A, 2.4kw/2.0kva
- Maximum load over 1+2 or 3+4 - 1.5kw

Terminal sizes:
- 2.5mm2 - Stranded
- 4.0mm2 - Solid

Cable entry: 10x 20mm top and bottom

- EMC - EN 5001-1 :1992
- Immunity - EN 50082-1 :1997

Product Data
Brand Rako Controls
Manufacturer's Part Number RAK-4R
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