Rako Relay Module for Projectors Screens & Blinds

RACUB Rako Twin Relay Module for Projectors & Blinds


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RAKO RACUB Relay Module for Projectors & Blinds RAKO RACUB


Rako Lighting Relay Module for Projector Screens, Blinds and Curtains

Rako RACUB Overview
The RACUB is an RF controlled mains and volt free relay unit used to control projector screens, blinds and curtains etc...

The RACUB provides two, single-pole, double-throw relay switches, enabling control of screens, curtains, blinds, and numerous other relay switched units.

Each open/close/up/down command can be activated by any Rako interface.
Screen control is simplicity itself: the RACUB will operate as either a volt-free or mains-switching relay.

The two independent relays enable the seamless operation of motorised blinds or curtains. Continuous or momentary activation is provided, enabling full or partial opening of any controlled blind or curtain. Gate or garage door activation is also easily performed.