Lewden 32A 240V 5 Pin Industrial Red Plug

Lewden 32A 240V 5 Pin Industrial Red Multimax Plug

LEW PM32/1800N

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PM32/1800N 32A 415V Plug PM32/1800N


Lewden PM32/1800N
Industrial 32A 5 Pin 415V Red Plug

Lewden Multimax Industrial Plugs and Sockets
The body of Lewden's multimax socket outlets and plugs are made of technopolymers with high resistance to accidental treading. In addition to their safety of operation and durbility, which are much higher than the minimum limits prescribed by the standards in force, Multimax plugs are charactersied by easy dismantling, wiring and reassembly.

The body containing the insert is fixed to the grip containing the stepped gland by 1/4 of a turn screw system. The insert terminals point in one direction to speed up cable tightening. The cable easily fits into the cord grip and the seal is obtained by manually tightening the ring nut.

All these operations require less than approximately 20 seconds, which is about 1/4 of the time needed for connecting ordinary plugs. Safety is priceless and the time saved in assembly is money saved.