Lutron QS Grafik Eye 6 Zone Lighting Controller

Lutron QSGRK-6PCE-TWH Grafik Eye QS 6 Zone Lighting Controller


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Lutron QSGRK-6PCE-TWH Grafik Eye QS 6 Zone Lighting Controller QSGRK-6PCE-TWH


Lutron QS Grafik Eye 6 Circuit Lighting Controller

When the subject of automated domestic lighting systems is comes up, the mention of the Lutron Grafik Eye isn't very far behind. This, the 6 Zone Grafik Eye QS is the most recent incarnation of the much lauded home automation system from Lutron. Allowing up to six circuits of lighting to be controlled from the face of the QS as a stand-alone control unit, progammable into four dimmable 'Scenes', the Grafik Eye QS creates up to four separate moods for one room, or more depending on your installation. 

Adding one of the many keypads, available in several different finishes into the mix and the Grafik Eye QS transforms into a home automation central hub, with up to 16 different scenes able to be programmed with a maximum of three plates on any one system. Two, five and eight button plates with bottom button off and raise/ lower buttons on each in Satin Nickel, Polished Chrome and White available from stock, with other finishes available to complement any interior. Infra Red versions also available, compatible with remote controllers so you don't even have to get up to dim your lights. Master and Slave units can be used to complete a two way dimming circuit in two places in one room, so the QS unit needn't even be seen. It can be hidden away in a media cupboard or other discrete place, minimising what is visible on the wall. 

Other ways to control your Lutron Grafik Eye QS include PIR sensors for occupancy and vacancy, so your lights will either turn on when you enter or off when you leave a room depending on which you choose, the Lutron 'Pico' handheld controller, a three button + raise and lower function remote that can be kept on your coffee table or placed in its own wall unit for easy storage, and as an easy way to add a couple more scenes to an existing installation. 

Other features include a built in time clock; set your light to come on or change at a certain time of day and wireless link-up ability so two Grafik Eye QS units can be joined together for even greater flexibility and function. Blind control functionality also allows you to combine control of your lights and blinds at the same time; watching a film in ths daytime?... imagine being able to close your blinds and set your lights to the appropriate level with the touch of just one button.

Compatible with many types of lights and lamps, including LED GU10s and standard shape LED bulbs from the Bell catalogue. 

Control Lights
- Select 4 preset scenes directly from a GRAFIK Eye unit. 
- Incandescent, Magnetic Low Voltage, Electronic Low Voltage, Neon, Cold Cathode, and 0-10v Extra Low Voltage
- Select up to 12 additional scenes from remote wallstations or controls. 
- Automatically offer different scene choices based on partition position. 
- Set the light level for each zone independently for each scene. 
- Save energy by using only the light you need. 
- Occupancy sensors turn lights down or off when rooms are not in use.

Lutron QS Grafik Eye 6 Zone Lighting Controller QSGRK-6PCE-TWH

Number of Circuits: 6
Unit Capacity: 3000w
Zone/Circuit Capacity: 500w
Minimum Load per : 40w
Input Power: 230V
Dimensions (WxHxD) : 239mm x 119mm x 61mm
Back Box Dimensions (WxHxD) : 200mm x 95mm x 76mm
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