Heatmat UFSTAT10 Electric Underfloor Heating Thermostat

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Underfloor Heating Thermostat / Timer


Heat Mat's UFSTAT10 is a fully featured electric underfloor heating thermostat/timer, ideal for controlling any of Heat Mat's systems or other manufacturer's electric underfloor heating. The thermostat incorporates air temperature and floor temperature sensors to provide maximum controllability.

The UFSTAT10 provides fully automated and flexible underfloor heating control to suit the owner's daily schedule. The thermostat features a daily heating schedule that can be tailored by the end user to operate as they wish. An easy-to-use manual mode can be switched on with a single button press and the controller then operates as a simple on/off thermostat unit.

The UFSTAT10 allows different week types to be programmed depending on the owner's routine. Each day is split into distinct 'events' allowing the homeowner to create a personalised heating schedule.
This thermostat has an energy monitor that displays energy usage on a daily and weekly basis allowing end users to monitor how much their heating is costing them to run as required.

Another intelligent feature is the 'Adaptive Function' designed to learn the heat characteristics of a room and turn the underfloor heating on before an event. This feature ensures that the room is up to temperature at the desired time, and also operating in the most energy efficient manner.

The 'Open Window' function monitors the room temperature for any sudden and sustained drops in air temperature, such as when a door or window is left open. If the thermostat sensors this situation it automatically switches off the heating system to stop wasting heat.

Key Features

  • Easy to use, quick to navigate
  • A full suite of options usually seen on premium thermostats
  • Set your own target temperature schedule based on room or floor temperature sensors
  • Turns into a simple manual controller at the touch of a button
  • Adaptive function learns the heat characteristics of your room and anticipates when the heating needs to be turned on
  • Open window function monitors unexpected and sustained drops in temperature and turns the heating off to save electricity
  • Energy monitor displays energy usage daily and weekly
  • Controls up to 16Amp of underfloor heating directly without the need for a contactor
Product Data
Brand Heatmat
Manufacturer's Part Number UFSTAT10
Lead time Usually ships in 2 working days
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