Wireless Outdoor 4 Channel Lighting Control Kit MWM-4CH-PSKIT

Hamilton Mercury Air 4 Channel Wireless Lighting Control System


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Wise Box 4 Channel Wireless Lighting Control KIT WISEBOX KIT


Hamilton MWM-4CH-PSKIT
Mercury Air 4 Channel Outdoor Wireless Switching System

Hamilton's Mercury Air is an IP rated outdoor wireless switching system. It controls up to 4 individual channels and can be switched using the wireless switches or hand held remotes.
The Air is ideal for switching garden lighting and water feature pumps and can also suitable for switching gates and garage doors. It features 2 operating modes: on/off and timed and has a incredibly long operating distance of 250m thanks to its internal aerial. Each circuit of the Air is rated to 1.25kw with a total load of 4kw.
It is IP56 rated making it suitable for mounting outdoors. 
This kit can be expanded to work in conjunction with all Hamilton Air accessories.

Channels : 4
Power Consumption: 5VA
Power Output :  Max Load 4kw - 4 circuits each rated at 5 amps,1250 watts per circuit 
IP Rating : IP56 

Width : 196mm
Height : 149mm
Length : 90mm