Hartland Screwless Satin Steel LED Dimmer 4G 2W 100w

Hamilton Hartland Screwless Satin Steel 4 Gang Dimmer 100w


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Hamilton 74C4X100LED Hamilton Screwless Stainless Steel 2 Gang Dimmer 100w 74C4X100LED


Hamilton Hartland Screwless Satin Steel 4 Gang 2 Way 100W Intelligent LED Dimmer 

The dimmer switch the lighting world has been waiting for.

Dimming LED has been something of a dark art, if you'll excuse the pun, for some time. By its very nature, LED being much more susceptible to voltage change makes the act of dimming much more difficult. The Hamilton Hartland Screwless 4 gang 2way Intelligent LED dimmer is here to rescue your LED dimming woes in a spectacularly futuristic way.

Designed by default to operate in 'Trailing Edge' mode, it creates the dimming effect by fading the voltage on the trailing edge of the waveform rather than abruptly shutting it off as in leading edge format. Also incorporating features such as soft start, silent running and smooth control there is a great increase in lamp life. The huge advance however is that the 74C4x100LED monitors and programmes itself for best performance according to the lamp used. It also sets itself up on install making initial fitting very simple. This means that it is compatible with a wide selection of lamps including Incandescent lamps, Mains halogen, Mains dimmable LED lamps and Dimmable LV electronic transformers. Leading edge format can also be selected manually for best operation should it be required. Minimum light level can also be adjusted by the control potentiometer on the front rather than having to remove the unit from the wall to find a control on the back.

2 way operation means the 74C4X100LED can be used in multi-way circuits allowing you to switch/ dim lights from multiple points although it must be noted that there must be a two way switch present in that circuit. This 2 way switch must also be a retractive/ push to make switch, available in the Grid-It range. A normal rocker switch will not activate the dimmer module in the correct way.

As with all Hamilton ranges, the Hartland Satin Steel is an extensive family, incorporating everything from switches and shaver sockets to TV, phone and data. If there is something out of the ordinary you require, it's bound to be available in the modular ranges so with the matching Euro and Grid plates you can be sure that all your satin steel switchgear is coordinated and complimenting your home.

Technical Specification
- Plate Size: 145 x 88mm
- Plate Depth: 4.2mm
- Min Wall Box Depth: 35mm
- Minimum load: 5 watts mains LED
- Maximum load: 100watts in trailing edge mode, 75watts in leading edge
- Description: Hamilton Hartland Screwless Satin Steel 4 Gang 2 Way 100W Intelligent LED Dimmer 
Compatible Lamp Types
- Incandescent lamps
- Mains halogen
- Mains dimmable LED lamps*
- Dimmable LV electronic transformers

LEDstat Features:

- Designed to control mains dimmable LED lamps or luminaires.
- Built in thermal overload protection.
- Soft start feature helps extend lamp life.
- Can be used as part of a multi-way dimming operation allowing you
to switch and dim the lights from multiple points.
- Manually select a dimmer mode (leading or trailing edge).
- Set minimum light level via the potentiometer which negates the
need to remove dimmer from the wall to adjust this setting.
- Designed to fit in a 35mm BS4662 flush wall box.

* Please note the Hamilton LEDstat is not compatible with mains voltage integrated LED fittings