Hager Design 50 Flush Mounted Mains Switch 20 Way Metal Consumer Unit

Hager 20 Way Design 50 Recessed Mains Switch Consumer Unit


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Hager VSR120 Design 50 Flush Mains Switch Metal Consumer Unit


Hager Design 50 - VSR120 10 Way Flush Mounted Metal Consumer Unit

Number of Ways : 20
Supplied with : 100 A Switch Disconnector

Width : 539mm
Height : 2284mm
Depth : 110mm
Profile : 38mm with cover

Dimensions: Back Box
Width : 478mm 
Height : 252mm
Depth : 72mm 

The VSR120 is part of Hager's Design 50 range. It has be tailored to be be aesthetically pleasing while satisfying all aspects of the amendment 3 wiring regulations. This stylish fuse board can be painted to suit any interior.  This particular model is designed to house up to 20 RCBO's and comes with a 100a mains switch dis-connector.

The VSR Design 50 range is designed to be recessed into walls making ideal for sleek modern interiors and places where space is at a premium. 

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