Hager Klik PCR2000 3 Pin Plug In Ceiling Rose

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Hager Klik PCR2000 3 Pin Plug In Ceiling Rose

Hager Klik PCR200 3 Pin Plug In Ceiling Rose

- 3 pin ceiling rose
- 75mm diameter x 44mm
- 7mm back projection
- Fixing: 50.8mm standard
- Diagonal (BESA)
- Complies with BS 6972 and BS 5733
- 6 Amp 250V a.c
- Socket has 4 terminations: live, neutral, earth and loop-in
- Plug has 3 terminations: live, neutral and earth

Mechanical and electrical connection made in one "click-in" action provides for a simple time saving and safe installation. Its designed for an on load isolation which allows individual light fittings to be removed for maintenance without affecting other fittings on the circuit.

Hager Klik System Overview

The Hager Klik Lighting Distribution System is a revolutionary power distribution system which dramatically reduces on site wiring times in large commercial or industrial projects.

Luminaires, including HI-Bays, LO-Bays, Battens, Tufflites and Modulays are connected in seconds to centralised 'power hubs' via plug in fly leads negating the need for circuit isolation and individual wiring. With distribution panels from 4 to 12 way the time and cost saving benefits are obvious.

Maintenance testing and cleaning tasks can be carried out at bench level thereby minimising time up a ladder, the plug and socket arrangement supports a 10Kg static load, but up to 5Kg suspended by a flexible cord. There is a wide choice of socket outlet styles and fixing centres to provide solutions for every application and mounting method.

Lights can be plugged in in seconds, in absolute safety, without circuit isolation. All live contacts are inaccessible and the earthing connection is made before any other. The non-wander design prevents disconnection of the plug from its socket by vibration or snatch withdrawals. Electrical contact plane is at 90 degrees to the mechanical load direction, thismeans that the contact is not under strain and the plug will not wander.

Hager Klik PCR2000
3 Pin Plug In Ceiling Rose

Product Data
Brand Hager
Manufacturer's Part Number PCR2000
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