Hager RCBO Type B SP 45A 30mA

Hager ADA145G 17th Edition RCBO Type B SP 45A 30mA


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Hager ADA145G 17th Edition RCBO Type B SP 45A 30mA ADA145G


Hager 45amp 30mA RCBO ADN140

Type of pole: Single Pole
Curve: B
Rated short circuit breaking capacity: 6 kA
Rated current: 45 A
Rated operational voltage Ue: 230/240 V
Number of modules: 1
Rated short circuit breaking capacity 230V 50Hz: 6 kA
Tightening torque: 10Nm
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When should I use an RCBO?
An RCBO is a combination of an MCB (mini circuit breaker), which protects against overload and an RCD (Residual Current Device), which protects against earth leakage. In other words it protects a circuit against all possible faults independently and avoids nuisance tripping which can occur when an earth leakage fault on one circuit causes an RCD to cut power to all the MCBs it is protecting. You would not, for example, want your freezer in the garage, security system or most importantly fire alarms disabled because there is a fault on your lighting circuit. An RCBO is commonly used in 'main switch' and 'high integrity' consumer units, offering total circuit separation for your important circuits.


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