Envirovent Eco dMEV S Constant Volume Continuous SELV Extractor Fan

17V Decentralised Mechanical Extract Ventilation Fan


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Envirovent ENV ECO dMEV S


Envirovent ECO DMEV S17V

The ECO dMEV S17V has been designed and developed for zone 1 of the bathrooms. It is a 17V SELV constant volume, continuously running decentralised extract fan which offers the lowest power consumption, the lowest noise and the lowest life-cycle costs. The ECO DMEV S17V will sense any resistance in the duct work and will automatically adjust to ensure that the correct ventilation rate is achieved. This guarantees that good ventilation is always provided to control humidity levels and eliminate condensation and mould.

  • With 5 trickle speed settings ranging from 15m3/h - 45m/3h (4-13l/s) it’s an extremely versatile ventilation unit.
  • Using a maximum of 7w (about the same as an LED lamp!) it uses less energy than any other fan.
  • Sensorless constant volume technology enables the fan to constantly regulate the airflow.
  • Designed with style in mind the gloss white fascia supplied with 4 different colour panel trim  

Air Extraction : Max 65m3/hr -  Min 18 L/s
Noise : Max 26.5dB(A) -  Min 18 dB(A)
Watts : Max 7w – Min 1.5w
IP Rating : IPX4

Width: 158mm
Height: 158mm
Projection: 48mm
Spigot Depth : 79mm
Spigot Diameter : 98mm