Collingwood LED Driver 350mA 9w

Collingwood 350mA LED Driver 1- 9w

COL PLU/350 1-9

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Collingwood LED Driver 350mA 9w  PLU/350 1-9


Collingwood 1- 9w  350mA LED Driver
PLU/350 1-9 

The PLU/350 1-9  is an LED driver designed for supply power to the 350Ma range of Collingwood products, such as the GL016 ground lights and SL030 garden spike lights. It is wired in series and able to run 1-9 1W or 1-3 3W LED products. Contains mains loop in/loop out terminals for the mains side for easy installation of multiple LED power supplies and can be used in conjunction with the IX265 for outdoor use.