Blauberg KOMFORT-EC-SB-550 Komfort EC-SB-550 Vertically Mounted MVHR Mechanical Ventilation Unit with Heat Recovery

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Blauberg KOMFORT-EC-SB-550 Komfort EC-SB-550 Vertically Mounted MVHR Mechanical Ventilation Unit with Heat Recovery


Komfort EC SB 550 Heat Recovery Units continue to be our flagship range with these additional control features and due to their ability to deliver high volumes of heat recovered air with low energy costs and low noise. A thick double skinned acoustic casing is used that dramatically reduces noise.

Two low energy, German EC fans are at the heart of the heat recovery unit, powerful enough to deliver airflow rates up to 208 l/s. This makes EC SB 550 units suitable for houses, flats, apartments, residential developments such as housing projects, student & nursing accommodation, offices and commercial civic installations.

G4 and F7 pollen, allergy and hay fever filters are fitted as standard, increasing efficiency down to PM2.5. For severe hey fever and allergy sufferers why not try the H13 HEPA filters for filtering pollen, airborne particles and other small particulate matter down to 0.3 microns.

Significant heat and energy is recovered from the dirty moist air as it passes through the heat recovery ventilation unit. Typically in an air tight house over 90% of the heat can be recovered and reused. Using traditional ventilation systems or extractor fans, this recovered energy would normally be extracted outside and wasted.

Key Features

  • Self-contained, MVHR ,whole house heat recovery unit, designed for mounting in a loft or cupboard space.
  • Provides a balanced supply of fresh, filtered, heat recovered air to the living areas, whilst simultaneously extracting stale, moist, odorous air from "wet" rooms.
  • Dramatically reduces the effects of mould, condensation, CO2 build up, VOC's, damp air and odours.
  • Supply and extract airflow rate of up to 191 l/s (690 m3/hour).
  • Recovers a large percentage of the heat that would otherwise be wasted during conventional ventilation.
  • Full functionality of your heat recovery unit control directly from your smart phone or tablet with a buiit-in wireless router as standard.
  • 5 year Blauberg warranty.
  • Summer bypass allowing you to bypass the heat recovery process in the warmer summer months.
  • Dual configuration options (can be mounted left or right-handed).
  • Extremely low energy consumption with an SFP (specific fan power) as low as 0.60 w/l/s.
  • Supplied with G4 & F7 pollution/allergy filters as standard.
  • Fitted with German Blauberg, low energy EC motors for smooth, silent operation.
  • ERP 2016, 2018 and A+ energy rating compliant.
  • Holiday, trickle, boost, and purge speed control options.
  • Independent BRE SAP Appendix Q listed (PCDB).
  • Optional CO2, VOC, PM (particle matter) and humidity monitoring.
  • Built-in frost protection.
  • Fault and filter change indication as standard.
  • Can be connected to fire alarm, external airflow dampers and cooling equipment.
  • Designer LCD display and WiFi timer switches available as optional extras.
Product Data
Brand Blauberg
Manufacturer's Part Number KOMFORT-EC-SB-550
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