Blauberg BLAUFAST RK 75-50 01 BlauFast Anti-Bacterial & Anti-Static Semi Rigid Radial Duct 75mm x 50m

BLAUFAST RK 75-50 01
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Blauberg BLAUFAST RK 75-50 01 BlauFast Anti-Bacterial & Anti-Static Semi Rigid Radial Duct 75mm x 50m


Semi rigid radial duct systems are fast becoming the preferred choice for residential heat recovery ventilation installations due to its unique characteristics and now Blaufast ducting has an anti static lining and anti antibacterial treatment option.

By using two separate air distribution manifold boxes; one for supplying fresh heated air and one for extracting dirty humid air, smaller diameter semi rigid ducts can be used.

Semi rigid duct can then radially bridge to vent grilles extracting air and condensation from your kitchen, wet rooms, bathrooms & toilets, and supplying fresh, heated air to the living areas of your house, flat, apartment or office space. This offers significant advantages in reduced pressure drop, lower noise levels and a large reduction in installation time.

This version has an anti static lining and anti bacterial treatment that is applied to the ducting to further ensure clean air is supplied into your home. The anti static lining helps to prevent electrically charged airborne particles to build up in the ducting that can cause allergies. The anti bacterial treatment helps prevent the development of mold, bacteria and fungi that can often built up in heat recovery ventilation systems over time. This is a large advantage for people suffering from allergies such as hay fever, dust, pollen other airborne spores.

This Blaufast semi rigid duct is supplied in a 25m coil and connects easily to manifold boxes and grille plenums.

Generally, no additional bends, tees or adapter pieces are needed as the duct curves and slowly bends around obstacles like sprinklers, pipes and cables. Tight bends can also be made to direct ducting down though walls and cavities. In addition, a full range of ancillaries are available to complete any type of installation.

The smooth inner core of the ducting along with shallow radius bends causes less pressure. This is turn reduces the speed of your heat recovery system meaning less noise and a higher rate of heat will be recovered from your home.

Key Features

  • Supplied in a 50m coil.
  • Preferred choice for MVHR and MEV ventilation systems.
  • Smooth inner bore to reduce airflow resistance and noise.
  • Anti static lining and anti bacterial treatment applied.
  • 63mm internal diameter and design to fit any make of 75mm semi rigid radial duct.
  • Easy to cut with a sharp blade.
  • Save up to 50% on installation time compared to rigid PVC / Metal ducting.
  • High resistance to crushing and airflow restrictive kinks.
  • Low noise when used in conjunction with MVHR manifold boxes to form a redial ducting heat recovery installation.
Product Data
Brand Blauberg
Manufacturer's Part Number BLAUFAST RK 75-50 01
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