EO Mini Pro 2 EV Charger

EO Mini Pro 2 EV Charger Installation


Introducing the EO Mini Pro 2: The World's Smallest Smart EV Charger.

The smart features of this EV Charger include:-

  • Being able to start, stop and schedule when your car is charged, like overnight for example.
  • Locking the charger so it only works with vehicles you have permitted.
  • Monitoring the power usage from your system with Power Balancing.

Power Balancing, thanks to the additional CT Clamp works by reading the incoming feed to the property and then taking into account what power is already being used. The charger then calculates what is left and distributes the final amount to the outlet.

This video is in association with Ben at Harwood's Electrical and shows the installation of an EO Mini Pro 2, CT Clamp and Garo PME Board at a customer's house.

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