Heat My Home Underfloor Heating

Electric Underfloor heating can be used to simply warm a floor or act as a primary heat source, replacing your radiators. The Heat My Home range comes in 2 main forms, electric mats and electric cables.

Both systems have their benefits, electric heating mats are quick and easy to install - simply roll out the mat and off you go. Electric heating cable is ideal for small bathrooms or small kitchen areas with awkward fixed objects to work around such as curved shower trays, toilets and kitchen units.

Designing and installing electric underfloor heating can be a daunting task for most but it needn't be - in most cases there are some basic rules to follow when measuring up which will get you going. There are of course some essential rules which apply to a certain room types, but generally speaking, if you can't walk on it then don't heat heat it. Stick to the floor spaces where you can walk then you won't go far wrong.

It’s really important that you make sure that your calculations are correct before ordering your underfloor heating system, as underfloor heating cables and heating mats cannot be cut during installation and we cannot provide refunds for items that have been unrolled, cut or damaged. Remember when installing a mat or cable system do not fit under fixed or flat bottomed furniture items.

If you need any advice prior to ordering your heating system, you can contact a member of our team, who will be more than happy to provide you with advice.

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