Universal LED Dimmer Module

Bell 09592 Universal 250w LED Dimmer Module

Bell 09592

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Bell 09592 Universal LED Dimmer Module


Bell 09592 Universal 4w-250w LED Dimmer Module

The Bell LED dimmer module is compatible with many mains voltage dimmable LED lamps and fittings.
They are an ideal retrofit for most standard dimmer plates. Suitable for use in 1 and 2 way circuits without the need for complicated re-wiring.
It has a push on/off rotary style operation, with integral adjustable potentiometer which allows dimmer to be set a different levels to eliminate lamp instability commonly found when dimming LED's.

• Mains dimmable LED lamps: Min 4W ~ Max 250W
• Incandescent lamps: Min 10W ~ Max 250W
• Mains halogen: Min 10W ~ Max 250W
• Dimmable LV electronic transformers: Min 10W ~ Max 250W
• Compact Fluorescent Load CFL Dimmable bulb: Min 15W ~ Max 250W

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