VA100XHT 4 Inch Extractor Fan + Humidistat, Timer & Shutters

VA100XHT 4 Inch Extractor Fan with Humidistat, Timer & Shutters

VEN 251510

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Vent Axia Va100Xht 4 Inch Extractor Fan with Timer Humidistat Shutters VA100XHT


Vent Axia VA100XHT
Vent Axia 4 Inch Bathroom Extractor Fan with Humidistat, Timer and Thermo-Electric Shutter

Air Extraction : 90m3/hr
Air Extraction L/s : 25 L/s
Noise : 32dB(A)
Watts : 15W

Suitable for installation in walls, panels, ceilings or windows. For window installation, the window kit 254101 must also be purchased.

The VA100 range from Vent-Axia is designed for domestic bathrooms and WC's. Available as window, wall or panel mounted models. A range of fans with options of shutter, timer or humidity controlled versions.

The VA100 meets and exceeds the Building Regulation (Document F) requirements of 15 l/s for domestic bathrooms with integral WC's. Designed in a clean white finish. Suitable for ambient temperatures up to +40?C fitted with ball bearing motors. IPX4 Rated.


VA100 models are fitted with an electronic timer which provides the necessary 15 minute overrun time to comply with Building Regulation (Document F) requirements for internal WC ventilation. Adjustable from 3-20 minutes.

To meet IEE Regulations, timer models should be isolated using a 3 pole isolator.

Manufacturers of some fluorescent/low energy lighting systems indicate that these can interfere with other electronic/timing circuits. For reliable operation of these circuits we recommend therefore that a tungsten filament light is used

Typical Specification

Supply and install a VA100 mains axial fan suitable for mounting in panels, walls or windows, with thermally operated backdraught shutter (X, XT, XH and XHT models only), removable grille and fan running light as supplied by:

The fan performance should meet the Building Regulation (Document F) requirements of 15 litres a second for bathrooms and 6 l/s for toilets,(15 minute timer overrun model for internal WC's).

The fan should have a ball bearing motor for installation at any angle. The motor should be insulated to Class B.

The fan should be BEAB approved.


VA100XHT - via light switch with timer overrun facility

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