Lo Carbon Sentinel Kinetic Plus E Heat Recovery Unit

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Lo Carbon Sentinel Kinetic Plus E Heat Recovery Unit

Vent Axia 449059 Lo Carbon Sentinel Kinetic Plus E
Shared Accommodation and Multiple Occupancy Heat Recovery Unit

The Sentinel Kinetic Range incorporates:
A wholehouse heat recovery system with up to 92% energy efficiency. An easily accessible heat recovery cube protected by two removable EU3 filters. Two Lo-Carbon Energy Saving EC DC fans ensure long life (typically over double the life of AC motors) and lowest possible energy use. Fully insulated construction with built in condensation drain. Specifically designed for new build constructions with a high level of insulation.

Lo-Carbon Sentinel Kinetic meets the latest requirements of the Building Regulations Document F 2006 for whole house system ventilation: System 4. Continuous mechanical supply and extract with heat recovery. The Lo-Carbon Sentinel Kinetic models have 3 fully adjustable speeds and a purge setting - maximum. On the front of the unit is a digital controller that can be used to pre-set the speeds to any required air-flow within the performance range.

Features and Benefits

Manufactured in the UK
Building Regulations Part F compliant
SAP Appendix Q Eligible
Energy Savings Trust best practice compliant
Up to 92% heat recovery whilst controlling condensation
Programmable Summer bypass
Left or right hand installation
Horizontal and/or vertical duct outlets
Integrated digital controller for simple and accurate commissioning
Light-weight for easy installation
External condensate connection
Plug and play controls; Humidistat, Vent-Wise, Wireless remote
BMS connectivity
LS inputs/(Light Switch)
Volt-free inputs
Self diagnosis for simplified fault finding
Adjustable delay on/delay off timer

Multiple control options:
Five Volt-free pairs of switch terminals for sensor inputs allow boosting from a full range of Vent-Axia controllers - humidistats, PIR, timers. Two terminals with 0-24V outputs allow 0V to 10V proportional control by sophisticated controllers such as CO2 sensors and proportional humidistats. The optional Vent-Wise controller senses temperature rise in a bath/shower hot water supply and/or current in a cooker/hob electrical circuit to activate boost, ensuring additional ventilation when needed. Switched-live for boosting via light switches (220-240 V AC) or manual Normal/Boost switches. This connection has the advantage of Delay-On and Delay-Off facility. Delay-On enables you to prevent the Boost airflow between 0 and 10 minutes, after a light switch has been activated. Delay-Off allows the Boost airflow to continue after a light switch is turned off to ensure effective clearance of humidity. This timer is adjustable between 0 and 25 minutes.

Purge setting:
The unit can be set to maximum flow (100%) by pressing and holding the Boost button on the unit itself or optional wireless controller for 5 seconds. Purge will continue for two hours unless cancelled by pressing the Boost button again.

Summer Bypass
An internal damper is activated when the outside temperature is less than the room temperature. The damper opens allowing cooler fresh air to bypass the Heat Recovery Cell and reduce the internal temperature towards the pre-set 'Comfort Temperature'. When the inside air temperature reaches the pre set 'Comfort temperature' the bypass damper closes.
Anti-frost protection: In cold climates there is a possibility of frost building up on the intake side of the heat exchanger. In order to prevent damage, the Kinetic reduces supply flow while maintaining extract flow at temperatures below zero.

Easy Installation
The Sentinel Kinetic models can be mounted vertically in a roof space, and are suitable for wall mounting or within a kitchen cupboard. When mounted in an unheated area ducting should be insulated. Ducting can be attached to the unit horizonally, vertically or both. Minimum internal depth of kitchen cupboard: V&B models 290mm. CW models 300mm V&B Models

Left or right hand installation.
The unit is supplied with duct spigots to outside on the right hand side. These can be reversed onsite by simply removing the control panel, rotating the unit 180 degrees and re-attaching the control panel.

Horizontal and vertical spigots:
The combination of spigot options allows installation in confined locations. If vertical and horizontal connection is required on the same outlet/inlet, additional spigots can be supplied. Condensate drain can be taken out through the back, or bottom of the unit. Using the fittings supplied, the final condensate connection is made outside the unit and can be completed after installation.

Product Data
Brand Vent Axia
Manufacturer's Part Number 449059
Lead time Usually ships in 5 working days
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