Hager Sollysta 45A Cooker Control Unit

Hager Sollysta 45 amp Cooker Control Unit


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Hager Sollysta WMCC50 45 amp Cooker Control Unit and double switched socket


Hager WMCC50
Hager Sollysta 45 amp Cooker Control Unit

Featuring a switched double socket and 45 amp isolation switch the Sollysta WMCC50 is installed in the kitchen usually within a short distance of the oven. Sometimes cooker control units are installed discreetly in cupboards with a surface box, as they are rather large and bulky but more commonly they are installed in a flush box on the wall.

The Sollysta range features a number of features which aid installation, reducing install time and costs, making Sollysta the choice of the professional electrician as well as the style conscious home owner:

- engraved terminal markings
- in-line, upward facing terminal screws for easy installation ..(why don't other brands have this!? ..it makes it so much easier to wire up!)
- captive and backed off terminal screws
- unique neutral loop terminal
- moulded cable lead ins 

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