Zano ZBARLED 300w Inline LED Dimmer

Zano 0-300w Inline Remote Dimmer Pack


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ZANO ZBARLED300 Remote LED Dimmer 1000w


Zano ZBARLEDLED 300W Inline Dimmer
Flicker Free Multiway Remote LED Dimmer 

The Zano ZBARLED is a must have product when it comes to multi-way dimming. Suitable for loads between 1w and 1000w the ZBAR is the only simple product for dimming with multiple rotary controllers on one circuit. Easy to install using existing twin and earth wiring. The ZBARLED is suitable for use with Zano's rotary dimmers and push to make retractive switches. 

The ZBAR is also availble in 1-10v. Please see related products.