Zano ZBARLED 1-10v Inline LED Dimmer

Zano 1-10v Inline Remote Dimmer Pack


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ZANO ZBARLED300 Remote LED Dimmer 1000w


Zano ZBARLEDLED 300W Inline Dimmer
Flicker Free Multiway Remote LED Dimmer 

The ZBAR1-10V will dim 1-10V loads and is designed to fit both new and existing installations. No need for screened cable, simply connect using any 2 core cable. Control of the unit can be made via a Zano rotary controller, where up to 32 rotary controllers can be connected in parallel to one ZBAR1-10V. Each controller may be connected on existing twin and earth wiring.

• Flicker Free & Silent
• Up to 32 Rotary Controllers*
• No Commissioning
• No Rewiring Required
• Easy To Install
• Made In The U.K.
• Technical Helpline
• Fit & Forget.
• Will fit through min Hole 62 mm