Wylex Mains Switch 2 Pole 2 Module 63A

Wylex Mains Switch 2 Pole 2 Module 63A


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Wylex WS602 Mains Switch 2 Pole 2 Module 63A WS602


Wylex WS602
Wylex Triple Pole 2 Module 63A Mains Incomer for NH A Distribution Boards

Amps : 63A
Poles : 2
Modules : 2

Features of the NHTN Range
The Wylex range of NH distribution Boards is designed to cater for a variety of industrial and commercial applications. The wide range of boards is complemented by an extensive choice of
incoming Devices including direct connection, switch disconnector and RCD, outgoing devices include a broad selection of MCBs and RCBOs.

This comprehensive collection of circuit protection and distribution products allows the contractor to select the most economical and electrically appropriate solutions. The range benefits from the following features:

- All metal enclosures for both A Boards and B Boards
- Two frame sizes 125A and 250A B Boards
- Choice of incoming devices including Switch Disconnector, RCDs or Direct Connection
- B Boards accept four pole incomers (125A)
- Over 250 different boards available from standard catalogue items
- Removable pan assembly and gland plates for easy fixing and cable entry
- Split neutral bars help make full use of interior space and keep all terminals accessible
- Range of 10kA and 6kA MCBs
- Single pole 18mm wide RCBOs

Wylex NH MCB distribution board enclosures are fabricated in heavy gauge steel and are rust protected and highly resistant to both weathering and mechanical damage. Incorporated in the distribution boards are multi-terminal dual earth and neutral bars. They are designed for ease of installation and have ample wiring space.

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