Wylex Metal Consumer Unit 26 Way Dual RCD + Switch

Wylex Consumer Unit 26 Way Dual RCD + Switch


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Wylex NMDISS1214 Amendment 3 Metal Duplex Consumer Unit 26 Way Dual RCD + Switch NMDISS1214


Wylex NMDISS1214
Wylex 26 Way Duplex Metal Consumer Unit with Dual RCD and Main Switch

Enclosure : Metal
Number of Ways : 26 - 12 on top bank / 14 on bottom bank
Supplied with : 100 A Switch Disconnector, 2 x 80A 30mA RCDs

Width : 343mm
Height : 500mm
Depth : 127mm

Key Features:

All metal enclosure, no external plastic parts
Low Smoke & Fume paint
Non combustible cover blanks available
Compact enclosure
Cable entry knockouts on 5 sides.Top, Bottom, Left, Right and Rear
Raised & removable DIN rail / busbar assembly 

Wylex NMDISS1214 Overview
This large consumer unit is fully Amendment 3 & 17th edition compliant and designed for use in large domestic installations or small industrial environments. The 20 way NMDISS1214 is constructed from heavy gauge steel and rust protected giving excellent resilience to both weathering and mechanical damage.

As a 'double banked' duplex consumer unit the top bank has 100A main switch, an 80a 30ma RCD and 9 usable ways. The lower bank has an 80a 30ma RCD and 11 usable ways. Incorporated in the board are multi-terminal dual earth and neutral bars. They are designed for ease of installation and have ample wiring space.

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