Wylex RCBO Double Pole Type B Miniature 6A 6kA 30mA

Wylex Miniature RCBO DP Type B 6A 6kA 30mA


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Wylex NHXS1B06 RCBO Single Pole Type B  6A 6kA 30mA NHXS1B06


Wylex Compact RCBO NHXS1B06
6 amp Type B Miniature Double Pole RCBO

For use in all Wylex domestic 'NM & NMX' consumer units. 

What is an RCBO?

RCBOs combine the functionality of an RCD, which protect against earth leakage, with that of an MCB which protects against overloads and short circuits. The new 17th edition regulations, which dictate that all circuits must be protected against earth leakage, have made the use of RCBOs more prevalant.

You should use a Wylex RCBO in conjunction with a Wylex consumer unit, ensuring that the RCBO is designed for use within that particular fuse board as not all Wylex RCBOs will fit all Wylex fuse boards. Wylex NSBS RCBOs such as this one, will fit all Wylex NH fuse boards.


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