HR100W Single Room Heat Recovery Unit

HR100W Single Room Heat Recovery Unit

VEN 370373

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Vent Axia Hr100W Single Room Heat Recovery Unit VENT AXIA HR100W


Single Room Heat Recovery Unit


Boost - 73 m3/hr
Trickle - 43m3/hr
Boost - 69 m3/hr
Trickle - 38m3/hr
Boost - 31w
Trickle - 12w
Boost - 30
Trickle - 20

The Vent-Axia HR100W range is designed for continuous operation providing up to 70% Heat Recovery. Effectively controlling internal relative humidity. Fresh pre-warmed air from the outside is continuously provided to the room with simultaneous extraction of stale, moist air.

An integral heat exchanger transfers heat from the outgoing stale air to the fresh air supply, raising the temperature of the fresh air and most importantly reducing the Relative Humidity of the supply air to the room.

The HR100WH has a two speed motor which provides for constant low rate
ventilation automatically switching to boost speed on rising humidity level of approximately 70% relative humidity at 20?C. This level can easily be adjusted by removing the front cover and heat exchanger to reveal the adjustment spindle.

HR100W units require a 240mm x 160mm hole. The unit should be fitted so that it slopes towards the outside (nominal 1?) to assist in-built condensate drainage.

The telescopic flange (adjustable to fit walls 220mm to 280mm thick) covers cutting marks and provides a surface for forming a seal with the external wall surface. An extension sleeve is available for thicker walls up to 500mm. (Stock Ref. 370419)