HR100RS Single Room Heat Recovery Unit

HR100RS Single Room Heat Recovery Unit

VEN 435004

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Vent Axia Hr100Rs Single Room Heat Recovery Unit VENT AXIA HR100RS


Ducted MVHR Heat Recovery Unit for Suspended Ceilings

Specification High Setting (Boost):
Air Extraction : 66m3/hr (max)
Air Extraction L/s : 18 L/s (max)
Noise : 30dB(A) (max)
Watts : 29w

Specification Low Setting (Trickle):
Air Extraction : 49m3/hr (max)
Air Extraction L/s : 13.6 L/s (max)
Noise : 20dB(A) (max)
Watts : 19w

The HR100RS is a self-contained single-room heat recovery unit for moutning in suspended ceilings. It is compatible with standard 4" (100mm) ductting.

An integral heat exchanger transfers heat from the outgoing stale air to the fresh aitr supply, raiing the supply air temperature whilst also reducing its relative humidity.

The HR100R has a 2-speed motor, and provides continuous low volume ventilation with a boost option. Not suitable for connection to a lighting circuit.

The HR100RS features bottom access and is ideal for installinig on the ceiling slab above a suspended ceiling.