Silhouette Slimline Six Inch Extractor Fan + Humidistat

Silhouette Slimline 6 Inch Extractor Fan with Humidistat

VEN 454061

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Vent Axia 454061 Silhouette 150XH 6 Inch Extractor Fan with Timer SILHOUETTE150XH


Vent Axia Silhouette 6 Inch Slimline Extractor Fan with Adjustable Humidistat

Air Extraction m3/hr : 241m3/hr
Air Extraction L/s : 67 L/s
Noise : 43dB(A)
Wattage : 20w

Product description
The Vent Axia Silhouette 150XH 454061 is a white, slimline, single speed 6 inch extractor fan with an integral humidity sensor.

With a profile of only 19mm, the silhouette blends in with the wall surface to provide an unobtrusive installation. It benefits from a neon running light and backdraught shutter.

Silhouette has a FID performance of 241m3/h, is double insulated and has a power consumption only 35 watts. Careful design means a 'white sound' spectrum understates the dB(A) sound levels providing optimised sound to performance output.

Technical Specification
Power : 20w
Air Movement : 241m3/h
Operation : Remote switch i.e Light Switch
Features : Overrun Timer up to 30 minutes
Vent Axia Code : 45 40 60