Integral Wired Humidistat Module 437598

Vent Axia 437598 Integral Humidistat Module

VEN 437598

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Vent Axia Integral Wired Humidistat Module 437598


Vent Axia Multivent Humidistat Module
Vent Axia 437598 Integral Humidistat Control for Mutivent & Sentinal Mutlivent MEV

This simple plug-n-play module is quick and eay to install and will upgrade any basic multivent dMEV unit to the humidistat module. It Eliminates the need for additional controllers or sensors and reacts to any extreme increase in relative humidity or relative humidity above 60%

Suitable for use with the following Vent Axia Multivent Units;
- Vent Axia 437634 Lo-Carbon MultiVent MVDC-MS
- Vent Axia 437601 Lo-Carbon Sentinel Multivent Unit
- Vent Axia 407001 Lo-Carbon Sentinel Multivent Plus Unit