Solo Pro Filterless SELV Centrifugal Fan + Timer & Humidistat

Vent Axia Solo Pro 409165 12v Centrifugal Fan with Humidistat Timer

VEN 409165

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Vent Axia 409165  12v Pro Solo Centrifugal Filterless Extractor Fan Humidistat & Timer & Pull Cord


Vent Axia Solo Pro 409165 HTP SELV
Filterless Professional Centrifugal Bathroom Extractor Fan with Timer, Humidistat & Pull Cord

Specification - Max
Air Extraction m3/hr : 80m3/hr
Air Extraction L/s : 24 L/s
Noise : 30dB(A)
Wattage :19w

- 100mm High Power Centrifugal extractor for internal bathrooms and toilets. 
- Extremely low sound levels
- Flush, surface and window mountable  


The Solo Pro is a new and improved version of  Vent Axia trust Solo range.  It has been built with for the sole purpose of ducting long distances. It is the ideal choice for internal bathrooms, toilets and other small rooms. The Solo Pro can be used with 100mm round or flat ducitng and can cope with straight runs equal to 50m. Even at this distance it still meets the minimum requirements of 15l/s set out by Document F  in the Building Regulation for ventilation of bathrooms.
The 409165 is a humidistat and  timer model in the Solo Pro range. It is an SELV 12 volt IPX7 rated making it suitable for zone 1. 

Models are available for surface or recessed mounting directly into standard 100mm diameter ducting. Suitable for panel, wall and ceiling installations and windows up to 25mm thick. For high rise or coastal applications, install through the wall with a Vent Cowl (Stock Ref 561403).