Lo-Carbon Sentinel Kinetic Advance S

Vent Axia 405215 Sentinel Kinetic Advance Heat Recovery System

VEN 405215

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Vent Axia Sentinel Kinetic Advance 405215


whole house ventilation

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Vent Axia 405215 Lo Carbon Sentinel Kinetic Advance
Whole house heat recovery system with summer bypass

The Sentinel Kinetic Advance is the next generation of hugley popular Kinetic heat recovery range by Vent Axia. It sets a new standard in comfort and control and ensures the best possible installer and ultimately and more importantly end user experience.

The Lo-Carbon 405215 Advance one of the quietest and the most flexible domestic ventilation solutions available on the market. Vent Axia has Optimised and targeted in every aspect of the design to ensure that it really does improve air quality. Whatever the outside environment there is a filter up to F7 to help reduce air pollution from entering your home. which means that even homes in city centres have the chance to filter out the impurities and help protect their family from respiratory issues.

As these systems are often hidden away in cupboards or lofts Vent Axia offers a number of options for system control. From an App which provides instant access wherever you are (Available on the SX 405216 model), to full on-board touch screen controls, you'll be able to tailor the system to suit your personal preference. 

  • Heat Recovery Efficiency: 93%
  • Suitable for houses up to 220 m2
  • Airflow Max: 280m3/hr
  • Airflow @100Pa: 245m3/hr
  • Integral Cooker Hood
  • Dimensions WxHxD (mm): 660x760x443
  • G3, M5 & F7 Filter options
  • Mechanical summer by-pass
  • Internal humidity sensor
  • Digital touch screen control
  • 5 Year warranty
  • Vertical or horizontal connections
  • Commissioning via USB
  • Left or right-hand configuration


  • Integral Humidity sensor
    The integral humidity sensor increases speed in proportion to relative humidity levels, saving energy and reducing noise. The sensor also reacts to small but rapid increases in humidity, even if the normal trigger threshold is not reached. This unique feature ensures adequate ventilation, even for the smallest wet-room. Night time relative humidity setback feature suppresses nuisance tripping as humidity gradually increases with falling temperature. Acoustically lined - low noise levels from only 20dB(A) @3m.
  • Summer Bypass and Anti Frost Protection
    An internal damper is activated when the outside temperature is less than the room temperature. The damper opens allowing cooler fresh air to bypass the Heat Recovery Cell and reduce the internal temperature towards the pre-set 'Comfort Temperature'. When the inside air temperature reaches the pre set 'Comfort temperature' the bypass damper closes.
    Anti-frost protection: In cold climates there is a possibility of frost building up on the intake side of the heat exchanger. In order to prevent damage, the Kinetic reduces supply flow while maintaining extract flow at temperatures below zero.
  • Purge setting
    The unit can be set to maximum flow (100%) by pressing and holding the Boost button on the unit itself or optional wireless controller for 5 seconds. Purge will continue for two hours unless cancelled by pressing the Boost button again.
  • Filtration
    The Sentinel Kinetic Advance system the most flexible solution available on the market. Optimisation has been targeted in every aspect of the design to ensure that it really does improve quality of life. Whatever the outside environment, we a have a method to help reduce air pollution from entering the living space. Our range of filter options, up to and including F7, ensure that even homes in heavily urbanised areas have the opportunity to filter out the impurities and help protect their family from respiratory issues.
  • Controllability
    The Lo-Carbon Sentinel Kinetic models have 3 fully adjustable speeds and a purge setting (maximum flow). Provided with the unit is a digital controller that can be used to pre-set the speeds to any required airflow within the performance range. Boost can be achieved with almost any type of sensor or switch including momentary.