Vent Axia STX400 Commercial Extractor Fan 16 Inch

STX400 Vent Axia Super TX Commercial Extractor Fan 16 Inch

VEN 166710

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Vent Axia STX400 16 Inch Commercial Extractor Fan


VEN 166710
Vent Axia 16 Inch Super TX Series STX400 Commercial Extractor Fan + Electrically Controlled Shutters

Vent Axia Super TX series of commercial extractor fans has been designed to meet the need for high extraction rates in commercial environments where mounting options are limited. Its powerful single phase motor helps keep the Super TX a very compact and surprisingly quiet commercial fan given the very high extraction rate. It can also be reversed to allow air to be either extracted or to have fresh air drawn in from the outside.

Featuring a telescopic liner that is adjustable from 280 - 312mm for varying wall depth, the fan is installed flush in the wall with the thr front grille being the only part of the fan visible in the room. The electrically operated shutters mounted in the grille on the exterior side of the fan offer back draught protection for when the fan is not operating.

Air Extraction : 2165m3/hr
Air Extraction L/s : 601 L/s
Dimensions: 550mm x 550mm
Noise : 45dB(A)
Watts : 90W