HR100S Single Room Surface Mounted Heat Recovery Unit

Vent Axia HR100S Single Room Heat Recovery Unit

VEN 14110010

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Vent Axia HR100S Single Room Heat Recovery Unit VENT AXIA HR100S


Wall Mounted MVHR Heat Recovery 

Specification High Setting (Boost):
Air Extraction : 75 m3/hr (max)
Air Intake : 52 m3/hr  (max)
Noise : 30dB(A) (max)
Watts : 35w

Specification Low Setting (Trickle):
Air Extraction : 30m3/hr 
Air Intake : 25 m3/hr  
Noise : 20dB(A) 
Watts : 19w

The HR100S is a two speed surface mounted extract and intake single room heat recovery unit that gives up to 60% heat recovery. The HR100S has an extremely quiet trickle ventilation mode and is easy to install in bathrooms and WC's

Two speed performance: Low 30m³/h and High 75m³/h. Ideal for condensation control of bath and shower rooms, whilst saving the majority of the heat.

Heat Exchanger
The model comes complete with a highly efficient, polymeric heat exchanger cube.The compact washable cube interleaves outgoing moist warm air with incoming fresh air and allows the heat from one to warm the other without the two air streams mixing. Up to 60% of the heat that could otherwise be lost is transferred to the incoming air, optimizing energy savings. Energy is saved on room heating with no power being used by the cube itself.

Mains voltage units and associated controls must be out of reach of a person using a bath or shower.

The HR100S model requires a nominal 117mm Ø hole through the wall.The wall tube provided incorporates a vertical web to separate the extract from the intake air flow. An external louvre grille is supplied.The unit has a washable acrylic fibre filter. An Extension piece is available.


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