VA140KT Six Inch Kitchen Fan + Timer

Vent Axia
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Vent Axia VA140KT 140220 Six Inch Kitchen Fan with Timer

Vent Axia VA140KT
Vent Axia 140220 6" Panel Fan with Timer

Air Extraction m3/hr : 245m3/hr
Air Extraction L/s : 60 L/s
Noise : 37dB(A)
Watts : 34W

Height : 216mm
Width : 224mm
Depth/Projection : 60mm
Spigot Depth : 80mm

Vent Axia's VA140KT is quite simply one of the best kitchen extractor fans in the UK. This versatile extract fan is designed be wall, panel or window mounted. Its primary job is to ensure condensation and damp and quickly and efficiently removed. The 140220 features a high power motor that extracts 68l/s or 245 m3/h which is not only hugley powerful but exceeds all building regulations for kitchens and utility spaces. It also doubles a high power bathroom fan when zone 3. 

It also features electronic back draft shutters which are thermo electrically controlled. They offer the best protection against the elements whilst preventing unwanted drafts. 

The VA140KT model has a built in adjustable overrun timer. Designed to be wired in to a lighting circuit the fan will start when the light coms on and will overrun for 3-30 minutes after being switched off.  

The 140220 is suitable for for window mounting. This option requires  the 140901 window kit. When combined with the window kit the VA140KT is suitable for both single and double glazed windows. It is incredibly easy to install. Simply attach kit to the spigot of the extractor fan. There is no need for any additional drilling or screwing through the glass. 

Product Data
Brand Vent Axia
Manufacturer's Part Number 140220
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