Laminate Flooring 7.0sq/m Heating Mat

ULS-140-0700 Laminate Flooring 7.0sqm Underfloor Heating

HEATMAT ULS-140-0700

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ULS-140-0700 Laminate Flooring  7.0sqm Underfloor Heating HEATMAT ULS-140-0700


Heatmat ULS-140-0700
Laminate Flooring 7.0m/sq Underfloor Heating Mat

Coverage : 7.0mSq
Length : 14.0m
Width : 0.5m
Wattage : 980w

Heat Mat's unique Underlaminate System is a simple to fit solution if your choice of floor covering is floating laminate or engineered board flooring. It provides a heat output of 140W/m2. It must be used with our 6mm Decora insulation (Heatmat DEC0060006), and provides a heating system with a build height of only 7mm. The system is supplied in various mat sizes between 1m2 and 10m2 allowing a tailor-made specification for any room size.

The 140W/m2 system is installed directly onto a high performance layer of insulation and, in well insulated rooms, this enables it to provide a full heating system in most circumstances. The system is not recommended for use beneath floors thicker than 18mm.

Unlike alternatives such as carbon films or heating ribbons the heating mats can be cut and turned to allow a more even coverage of your floor and, in most circumstances, 95% floor coverage is achievable.

The system does not require covering with any self-levelling compound or tile adhesive and your flooring can be laid directly on top of the heating mats themselves. The heating cable is fully earthed for safety, the aluminium layer above it is purely for heat dissipation. This allows the underlaminate system to be safely used in virtually any type of room including bathrooms and, unlike carbon films and similar systems, you do not have the extra cost of installing earthing grids above your heating system to ensure it is safely earthed.

The system is entirely manufactured in the UK ensuring a consistently high quality product and a minimum of travel miles between manufacture and installation. The Underlaminate System should be controlled by our innovative BEAB approved thermostats, one for each room, to ensure it is controlled in the most energy efficient way. Please note you must always control the system with a floor sensor.

As with any underfloor heating system beneath wooden floors, care should be taken not to place any heating beneath areas where there will be a thermal block on top of the floor covering. Furniture without air gaps beneath them or large beanbags prevent the heat escaping from the floor and can cause the system to overheat in extreme circumstances.

This system is supplied with our unique Heat Mat Lifetime Warranty. Contact us for further details.