Timeguard TRT05

Timeguard TRT05 Electronic Plug-in Thermostat


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TRT05 Plug-In Electronic Thermostat ET05


TRT05 Electronic Plug-in Thermostat with 24 Hour Time Control

The TRT05 is a plug-in electronic thermostat with an in-built 24 hour programmable timer. It has 3 programmable time periods and 4 operating modes including ON, OFF, Timed and Automatic. The set temperature range is between 0° and 35°C, and is ideal for controlling radiant, convector and fan heaters as well as oil filled radiators.

Plug-in, no wiring.
3 ON/3 OFF easy-set programmable time periods repeated over 24 hours.
Integral temperature sensor with 0° – 35°C temperature range.
1000 hours integral battery power reserve retains programmes and allows out of socket programming.
Large LCD information screen.
Reset button restores to factory set default programmes.
13(2)A load rating, 3kW resistive, 400W filament, 2A inductive.

The TRT05 is a replacement for the ET05


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