Rako Dimmer Trailing Edge Rack 4 Channel

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RAK4T Rako Dimmer Trailing Edge Rack 4 Channel

Rako RAK4
4 Channel trailing edge dimming rack for tungsten & halogen. Stackable 10a/box maximum load.

Rako RAK4 Overview
- A four channel dimming rack, designed to be wall mounted in an electrical cupboard.
- Incorporating the latest dimming technology. Hybrid IGBT design enables leading and trailing edge control of lighting loads, quietly and smoothly.
- The dimmer has four separate dimming channels that can control a total of 2400w/2000va of trailing edge dimmable lighting loads.
- For wireless systems, The RAK-4 requires a separate RF receiver (RX-LINK) which connects using standard CAT5 RJ45 sockets.
- For wired systems, the RAK-4 requires a separate connection unit, RAK-LINK.
- Controlled from any Rako RAKOM RF device, for example the RCP07W push button RF wall plate.

Central Control
- RAK-4 dimmer units can be used as simple 4 channel packs or joined to form multi-way stacks. 8, 12 and 16 channels stacks can be formed. All communication is carried out using the RAKOM RF, particularly useful for reducing installation and cabling costs.
- The RAK-4 units are designed to be centrally located in an electrical cupboard, utility room or garage.
- The RAK-4 trailing edge dimmer can control up to 2400 watts of mains dimmable lighting loads.
- The unique hybrid transistor design provides virtually silent operation, ideal for residential installations. Microprocessor control combines smooth reliable dimming with dynamic safety features such as auto-resetting over current, temperature shutdown and voltage surge protection.
- For wireless systems, the RAK-4 dimmer requires a separate Rako RF receiver (RX-LINK), this unit connects using a single CAT5 RJ45 data bus. The RX-LINK receiver can be used to connect up to four RAK-4 dimmer units.
- The RAK-4 dimmer can be used seamlessly with other Rako modules, such as RDL in-line dimmers, RCP wallplates, RAH hand helds, MB1 timeclocks and forms the foundation of any Rako scene-set system.
- Each RAK-4 box needs to be fed by a 10A Type B MCB.

Technical Specifications
Dimensions: 193x253x110mm
- Input supply: 200-260V AC 50/60Hz
- 10A Type B MCB protection required
- Weight: 3.5Kg
- Housing: Powder coated galvanised steel

Climate range:
- Temperature +2C to +40C
- Humidity +5% to 95% non condensing

- 3 way screw terminal for mains supply
- 4 way screw terminal for load outputs
- 2 RJ45 sockets for RxLink connection

- Auto resetting over current protection
- Auto thermal shutdown
- Voltage surge protection

Load types:
- Incandescent mains voltage lamps
- Tungsten halogen GU10 lamps
- Trailing edge dimmable LV transformers

Minimum load: 40w per channel

Maximum load:
- Total box load - 10A, 2.4kw/2.0kva
- Maximum load over 1+2 or 3+4 - 1.5kw

Terminal sizes:
- 2.5mm2 - Stranded
- 4.0mm2 - Solid

Cable entry: 10x 20mm top and bottom

- EMC - EN 5001-1 :1992
- Immunity - EN 50082-1 :1997

Communication: Rakom coded fm radio, 433.9MHz via separate RF receiver RxLink module
Memory: Flash memory (non volatile)

Group: Wireless Lighting Control / Intelligent Lighting Systems
Sub Group: Multi Scene Lighting Controls / Multi Zone Lighting
Category: Rako Lighting / Rako Lighting System / Rako Lighting Controls
Description: Rako Lighting 4 channel Dimmer Module / Rako Rack Mounted Dimmer Module
Code: Rako RAK4

Product Data
Brand Rako Controls
Manufacturer's Part Number RAK-4T
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