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RAH07 Rako Remote Control


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RAKO RAH07 Remote Control RAKO RAH07


Rako RAH07
Rako Lighting Hand Held Remote Control Unit

Rako RAH07 Overview
The RAH07 is a compact hand held 7 button scene sender providing 4 preset scenes plus off and master raise lower controls as well as having full scene programming capability. The RAH07 communicates with other Rako devices such as the RD range of dimmer modules, using coded FM radio data transmission, ensuring reliable interference free operation.

Used in conjunction with Rako lighting wall panels, line of sight with receiving devices is not required and its elegant unobtrusive design fits with any interior.

- Transmitting range of 15m in building, 100m free air
- Does not require line of sight
- 3 Year battery life
- Smooth cross dimming between scenes
- 4 preset scene selection and off plus master raise / lower
- Addressable to 256 different house numbers
- Non- Volatile memory
- Can be used with Rako's RCP range of wall mounted control panels.
- Receives and transmits scene instructions using coded RF communication

Group: Wireless Lighting Control / Intelligent Lighting Systems
Sub Group: Multi Scene Lighting Controls / Multi Zone Lighting
Category: Rako Lighting / Rako Lighting System / Rako Lighting Controls
Description: Rako Lighting Remote Control Unit / Rako Lighting Hand Held Remote
Code: Rako RAH07 / RAH07