Polished Brass Dimmer Switch 3 Gang 400W

Hamilton Cheriton Polished Brass Dimmer Switch 3 Gang 400W

HAM 923X40

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Polished Brass Dimmer Switch 3 Gang 400W Hamilton Cheriton 92P3X400 92P3X400


Hamilton Litestat 92P3X400

Polished Brass Dimmer Switch 3 Gang 2 Way 400W with Plain Edge

Dimensions: 146x86mm
Plate Depth: 10.8mm

Hamilton Brass Socket & Switch Range Overview
Hamilton Litestat have been producing brass socket and switch plates for nearly forty years and now enjoy the highest reputation for quality and breadth of product range. The Victorian Plain Edge Brass switch and socket plates are made from CZ 108 Brass with a minimum of 60% copper content. They are then coated with electro-phoretic lacquer and heat-cured at 160?C for minimum 25 minutes, to provide years of anti-tarnishing and durability, making them look as good as in years to come as the day you install them.

Hamilton Polished Brass Dimmer Switch Product Features:
- High quality brass switch plate
- brass screws
- plastic gasket at back of plate protects against tarnishing from moisture

Hamilton Brass Switches and Sockets
Group: Decorative Electrical Switches and Sockets
Sub Group: Decorative Brass Switches & Sockets
Category: Brass Dimmer Switches
Sub Cat: Brass Dimmer Switches
Description: Polished Brass 3 Gang Dimmer Switch / Polished 400w Dimmer Switch / Polished Brass 3 gang 2 way dimmer switch